What does Copy trading mean?

Copy Trade allows you to automatically copy a trader's trades on your trading account. Unlike mirror trading, this trading method allows traders to copy a portion of certain (selective) trades, on terms that are beneficial to the investor (copying account).

How does copying of trades work?

Copying trades is easy! You provide a trader to your trading account through specialized services. In ours it is SignalStart . Transactions in your case are made automatically by the decision of the trader. 

Example: A trader has opened a EUR / USD trade on his account with 3% of his deposit on your account, a EUR / USD trade equal to 3% of your deposit.

Do I need to open a new trading account extra for Copy Trading?

No. If you already have a trading account, it will also work with the Copy Trade System. You just need to register an account and subscribe to the system of your choice.

Why is it necessary to connect to Signal Start?

Signal Start offers solves all points for your signals.
As a signal subscriber, you do not need to leave your trading platform open or be a programmer to install the system, it is intuitive to use and will set everything up for you automatically.

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